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adel-system-flex-power-supply-unitsRET Automation Controls stocks the complete ADEL System FLEX range of rail mount Power Supplies. FLEX power supplies are available with 1, 2 and 3-phase input, up to 600W, and with a continuous current rating ranging up to 25A. They easily supply power to demanding loads such as motors, solenoid valves and lamps. This is due to their "Power Boost" feature which allows them to supply 150% of their continuous current rating for up to 3 minutes at...


l-gage-ltf-laser-measurement-sensor-provides-superior-durability-and-precision-measurementRET Automation Controls has expanded its family of L-GAGE® laser sensors with the new LTF Series. Featuring time-of-flight technology, the laser measurement sensor ensures accurate distance measurements out to 12 meters. By emitting a pulsed light, the LTF measures the amount of time for the light to reflect off the object and return to the sensor to calculate the distance. This enables sensing in long-range applications, including loop control,...


comitronic-bti-innovative-products-for-machine-safetyCOMITRONIC-BTI has developed a new product range of safety switches ideally suited for hostile environments, especially the food processing industry.  The mirror polished IP69K safety switches are made from 316L stainless steel, making them extremely robust and the most chemically resistant products available today.   A 50cm pigtail cable allows you to place the M12 connector in a protected position and the indication LED is protected...


m12-power-connectivityAs electronic devices are becoming increasingly more compact, customers are demanding compact power supply connectivity solutions. Most manufacturers tend to prefer the industry-proven M12x1-interface. ESCHA from RET Automation Controls has now developed a complete M12 portfolio providing reliable power transmission. All components have been basically redesigned and meet the IP67, IP68 and IP69 requirements and thereby fulfilling UL 2237. Due to a...


high-speed-double-end-sensors New! Very fast, high speed double end sensors with 2 msec. response time from Jungmichel.  These sensors have 2 outputs for no / 1 end and one / double end discrimination. All in one sensors with M12 connector, Dual Led and teach-in programmable. No amplifier necessary.


multicon-meter-controller-recorder-hmi-in-one-package-now-with-e-mail-notification-functionalityThe Simex MultiCon series of devices are now equipped with an "E-mail notifications" system.       This system enables the sending of e-mails directly from the MultiCon and makes the device ideal for high-tech alarm and monitoring systems. Up to 32 different email messages can be defined by the user and the user can select the specific event which would trigger the sending of the message. The e-mail message will consist of the...


turck-s-new-argee-technology-turns-i-o-devices-into-field-logic-controllers-flcs-for-flexible-cost-effective-controlEngineers, OEMs and integrators have struggled for years with how to balance the cost of PLCs with their I/O needs, and Turck’s new ARGEE technology solves this challenge. ARGEE empowers manufacturers to add logic to compatible I/O devices without a PLC, driving down the cost per I/O point and increasing flexibility in control. The ARGEE environment is accessible via an HTML5-compatible web browser, which eliminates the need for complex...


ret-partners-with-solexy-wirelessRET Automation Controls is excited to announce that they are the official distributors of Solexy Wireless in Southern Africa.  SOLEXY Wireless provide innovative technologies that efficiently allow for the safe integration and easy operation of radios and other electronic equipment in hazardous area rated environments. Main industries of applications are refineries, oil and gas rigs, chemical plants and mines.  Give us a call to find our...


surecross-wireless-enables-flour-mill-to-access-temperature-data-during-thermal-remediationSureCross Wireless Application Note SureCross Wireless Enables Flour Mill to Access Temperature Data during Thermal Remediation   Customer Scenario The EPA has placed restrictions on the use of many fumigants citing a correlation between their use and ozone depletion. As an alternative, a large-scale flour mill performs three to four thermal remediations per year to eradicate flour beetles. The temperature inside the mill is brought up to...


l-gage-ltf-laser-measurement-sensor-provides-superior-durability-and-precision-measurement RET Automation Controls has expanded its family of L-GAGE® laser sensors with the new LTF Series....

adel-system-flex-power-supply-units RET Automation Controls stocks the complete ADEL System FLEX range of rail mount Power Supplies. FLEX...

turck-s-new-argee-technology-turns-i-o-devices-into-field-logic-controllers-flcs-for-flexible-cost-effective-control Engineers, OEMs and integrators have struggled for years with how to balance the cost of PLCs with their...

turck-presents-rfid-device-control-center-with-integrated-data-processing-for-simple-data-control-in-industry-4-0-applications At the Hannover Messe Turck, represented locally by RET Automation Controls is showcasing the TBEN-L-DCC...

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RET Automation Controls provides market leading solutions to the factory automation and process automation markets in Southern Africa.  Over the last 30 years RET Automation Controls has been privileged to be able to develop relationships with global leaders in the automation industry, creating a portfolio of complementary products to enable the establishment and maintenance of mutually beneficial long term customer relationships.RET Automation Controls has always ensured that it is supplying products for which it can be proud of and which enhance RET’s reputation as a supplier of high quality innovative products and solutions.

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