“All-In-One” D.C. Uninterruptible Power Supply Solution

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“All-In-One” D.C. Uninterruptible Power Supply Solution

New from Adelsystem is the “all in one” family of uninterruptible DC power supplies. The product offers reliable, consistent backup of the DC supply, and should be incorporated where frequent power outages or dips occur.

These products are particularly useful where there is a PLC or other digital communication. The DC UPS prevents the system from falling over due to power failures and negates the need to continuously re-boot the system. The time lost in production, while bringing the system back up and restoring all communication can amount to vast sums of money.

The “all in one” consists of three devices in one housing – the power supply, battery charger and backup module.
The Power Supply section is a switched mode device. Adelsystem has twenty years of experience in design of advanced, stabilised, switching technology power supplies. A power supply based on this technology is much more efficient, smaller and lighter than traditional linear technology.
The Battery Charger circuit is microprocessor based, and uses “smart battery management” to ensure the cells are in prime condition. Visual and relay outputs warn of battery problems or failure.
The Backup Module ensures that the available power is automatically allocated between the load and the battery. Supplying power to the load is the first priority of the unit, after that the power is used to charge the batteries. In the “Power Boost” mode, power is available simultaneously from both the power supply and the batteries, making the maximum current available two times the rated current of the unit. This is used for short time periods of high current demand.

The Adelsystem “all in one” offers flexibility.  Wide input voltage (115 – 230Vac or 400 – 500Vac) coupled with a selection of output voltages (12, 24 and 48Vdc) reduces the spares holding requirements. Different versions offer from 3 amp to 20 amps of current. Designed to offer safe operation, the following features are standard:-

  • Output protected against short circuit and overload
  • High insulation between primary and secondary
  • Protection against deep battery discharge
  • Protection against reverse polarity connection
  • Detection of batteries with incorrect voltage

The battery charging circuit is microprocessor based and contains “charge curves” for various types of batteries.  Open lead acid cells, sealed lead acid cells, Gel and Ni/Cd types are all catered for. These curves are user selectable by means of jumpers. Multi – stage charging (three modes – Boost, Trickle and Recovery) ensures a fast recharge and also the recovery of deep discharged batteries. The maximum charging current to the battery is user adjustable by means of a potentiometer on the front of the unit. To protect the battery, the unit will shut down when the cell voltage reaches 1,5V, avoiding deep discharge and battery damage. The unit also performs a battery life test. It guarantees battery reliability by continually testing the internal impedance of the cells. The system, through a battery stimulation circuit, is able to detect sulphated batteries and those with short circuit cells.

Monitor signals clearly define the systems condition, via LED indication and relay contacts. These include: -    

  • Main or backup supply, signalled by a relay
  • Battery flat, signalled by a relay
  • No mains supply, by LED indication
  • Battery fault – LED
  • Low Battery (less than 30%) – LED
  • Battery charge mode – LED
  • Help – Blinking Code LED signals.


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