Compact Ultrasonic sensor with IO-Link

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Compact Ultrasonic sensor with IO-Link

New RU-U compact variant with IO-Link offers a mute function for simpler multiplex and synchronous operation via the controller.

Turck has added a variant with an IO-Link output to its basic “Compact” series of ultrasonic sensors. Users can use IO-Link for the process values or continue to use the switching output of the sensor. The switch point is taught via IO-Link or via a teach adapter as before. Besides the known benefits of IO-Link, such as inexpensive wiring, intelligent data retention or predictive maintenance, the sensor offers a special mute function feature. This enables the selective switching on or off of the sonic transducer via the IO-Link master. This simplifies the synchronized or staggered operation (multiplex) of several sensors via the controller. Synchronous or multiplex operation was previously only possible by using complex wiring solutions.
The compact RU-U sensors with IO-Link are available as diffuse mode or retro reflective sensors in the M18 housing in straight or angled designs with ranges of 40 and 100 cm.
Turck's RU ultrasonic sensor series consists of three product lines: the compact version, the standard version or the high-end version. The three lines have different sets of functions and output options. Thanks to its optimized control electronics, the entire series offers large ranges with short blind zones. The smooth sonic transducer front prevents the collection of dirt and moisture.

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