Field Logic Controller

 2017-09-28 08:29 AM by
Field Logic Controller

Turck has developed the next big thing for control: The field logic controller (FLC)

Turck's FLC solutions are made possible by ARGEE (A Really Great Engineering Environment), a revolutionary web-based programming environment that allows users to set conditions and actions directly at the field level. By utilizing HTML5, Turck provides a complete engineering environment for users to write, run, simulate, debug, and monitor code, all without requiring the use of a PLC.

Using FLCs, Turck's multiprotocol block I/O products can act as simple I/O devices or as standalone logic controllers. While ARGEE programming is not designed to replace a PLC outright, it can be used to change the way we think about control, allowing FLC devices to:

• Be used without a PLC in standalone applications
• Perform arithmetic functions, use timers, counters, and even toggle bits
• Share data with a PLC via assigned I/O variables


Using a simple "Condition" and "Action" principle that is integrated into a flow chart user interface, ARGEE allows users with little or no programming experience to easily configure and program their Turck FLC devices.
ARGEE challenges what an I/O device can do by creating a hybrid between simple block I/O and higher level PLCs. The result - Turck's FLC.


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