M8 and M12 Y-Junction with cable outlets

 2017-02-08 11:39 AM by
M8 and M12 Y-Junction with cable outlets

ESCHA is now offering new M8x1and M12x1-Y-junctions with cable outlets. The so-called 2-way splitters have an extremely compact housing style and can be quite easily adapted to customer's individual needs.

Signals can be quickly and simply distributed with 2-way junctions.  ESCHA has now launched new Y-junctions provided with cable outlets saving plug-ins on junctions as well as on junction cables. This eventually means an obvious cost optimisation for wiring compared to classical Y or T-junctions without cable outlets.
All ESCHA standard PUR and PVC cables are available for the cable outlets.  Upon customer request, the cable outlets can be provided with M8x1 or M12x1-round connectors as well as with valve connectors. Female or male connector alignment is optional as well. Due to the number of options ESCHA has a solution for almost every customer’s application.

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