Measure, Control and Log Data with Multicon

 2017-09-13 10:58 AM by
Measure, Control and Log Data with Multicon

The Simex MultiCon offers advanced controllers with the capability of controlling and data recording in one compact device.

Although the MultiCon has been designed for advanced applications in industrial automatic control engineering, the device can also be used in smaller systems. The MultiCon can be equipped with three isolated RS-485 interfaces which make it a perfect solution for distributed systems with the MultiCon working as a CPU and when using an Ethernet interface the device can be monitored via the internet. The wide range of input and output modules allows customisation of MultiCon to suite the customer's needs.

With colour TFT display and touch screen working with the user interface becomes a pleasure.  The MultiCon allows the use of PC keyboard and mouse operation as well as free DAQ manager software which makes for a user friendly experience.

MultiCon’s CMC-99 has up to 48 measurement or digital inputs and 60 virtual channels whereas the CMC-141 has 50% more inputs / outputs and virtual channels. You are able to decide how you would like to use the virtual channels.  They can be used for direct measurement readings, mathematical functions, timers, profile creation, set points or virtual objects.

SCADALite functionality has just been added to the MultiCon.  SCADALite is an innovative feature that allows you to manage your process directly from the MultiCon display.  Essential information can be presented in a graphical form enriched with animations, dynamic graphs and the most significant numerical parameters, as well as sounds in case of an alarm. SCADALite allows you to create as many as 15 individual screens, allowing you to present a range of required information.

The SCADALite implementation is simple, you upload a graphical design or a simple photo of the application into the device, and then just distribute the measurements / indicators.  All done in a few minutes and directly on the MultiCon screen.

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