New M8 Turck Inductive Sensors

 2016-11-25 03:19 PM by
New M8 Turck Inductive Sensors

At this year's SPS IPC Drives fair in Nuremberg, Turck is presenting its new range of M8 inductive proximity switches.

The technology within these ferrite core sensors has been completely upgraded, increasing the switching distance by up to 50 percent.  As a result, M8 devices for flush mounting can now also be offered with an extended switching distance of 3 mm as well as with the conventional switching distance of 2 mm. The non-flush sensors are also available with a 3 or 5 mm switching distance. Thanks to the newly developed sensor electronics, Turck is also able to produce devices with an ultra-short 15 mm housing length.

The modular development approach for this device series has led to a broad range of variants that allows users to find the optimum M8 switch for their application, without any compromises.  The sensors are available in 15, 22, 30 and 40 mm lengths. On the output side Turck is offering M12 or M8 connectors as well as devices with a cable outlet.  Other variants are possible due to the choice between devices for flush or non-flush mounting with standard or extended switching distance.

The sensors with a cable outlet are provided with a cable suitable for drag chain use, and a semi-transparent LED ring at the sensor end, which shows the switching state from any viewing angle.


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