New Smart Capacitive Buttons for the Food Industry

 2017-02-15 08:32 PM by
New Smart Capacitive Buttons for the Food Industry

Comitronic-BTI supplied locally by RET Automation Controls has updated their buttons for the Food Industry.  The fifth generation of their smart capacitive buttons uses a new filtering technology:

• Water cannot trigger them, even if the water jet goes directly onto the button.
• Works with latex gloves or protective per EN 3088.

Some changes have also been made to the housing of the button:
• The housing is now IP69K.
• The button is completely smooth without any food retention areas, which is a requirement for the food industry.
• The housing is available in numerous colours so you can customize it to your application.  Green, Red and Blue have been added to the standards which were Black and Grey.

 “We designed them to survive in the harshest environment.  We added more LED’s to increase visibility and retained the multiple LED design, with up to 6 LED’s per button they are a lot more reliable than a single LED illumination version.  With 3 colours per LED they able to clearly indicate the machine status to the operator.  Colours really are an international language.” Explains Benjamin de Gournay, Comitronic-BTI Export Team leader.

Although the buttons are fully customizable, some standard versions are available, such as:
“Kapix ON” - Green Housing, Red/Green/Orange LED, 1 NO contact.
 “Kapix OFF” - Red Housing, Red LED, 1NO + 1NC contact.
 “Kapix Action” - Black Housing, Red/Green/Orange LED, 1 NO contact.

Both the Kapix ON and Kapix OFF buttons are laser engraved ensuring that the labels remain visible and that the labels will not fade with the daily factory wash down.
The buttons are also available with built in time delays.  For example you need to touch the button for 3 seconds in the “Kapix OFF” before it activates the outputs. This helps to avoid accidentally shutting down the machine when an operator touches a button by mistake.

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