Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors

 2016-09-30 07:14 AM by
Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors

Banner Engineering has introduced new T-GAGE™ temperature sensors.  These passive, non-contact temperature-based devices detect objects that are either hotter or colder than the ambient condition and then trigger an output.

They are extremely easy to set up because they use Banner’s advanced TEACH-mode push-button programming that requires no potentiometer adjustments.

T-GAGE sensors are especially useful for monitoring production lines.  They operate even if the product isn’t moving and can sense temperature changes as small as 3ºC.  T-GAGE sensors are ideal for a wide variety of applications in the process, food production, assembly, packaging, materials handling, and general manufacturing industries including the following:         
•    Detecting hot products such as baked goods, metals and bottles
•    Detecting cold products, including frozen foods, ice and dairy
•    Monitoring process equipment and fixture temperature
•    Monitoring packaging, binding and gluing thermal processes
•    Detecting hot parts and verifying ejection
•    Monitoring heated or chilled rollers

Numerous features of the T-GAGE™ make it particularly easy to install and use:   
•    Fast 25 millisecond response time accommodates production line speeds
•    Small, self-contained package doesn’t require an external controller  
•    Setup is quick and easy using an on-board TEACH push button or remote cable
•    Dynamic TEACH mode allows the sensor to learn two sensing conditions on-the-fly and automatically set the switchpoint
•    Manual TEACH mode allows the user to program the sensor for two distinct temperature switchpoints
•    Stainless steel barrel construction and fully encapsulated electronics is rated IP67 for harsh sensing environments
•    Provides a wide temperature sensing range from 0º to 300ºC
•    Advanced Monitor software allows for threshold adjustment and real-time information display through a PC

The T-GAGE sensor operates from 10 to 30V dc.  It features solid-state bipolar outputs: one current sourcing (PNP) and one current sinking (NPN).  Output timing options include ON-delay, OFF-delay, retriggerable, one-shot, pulse stretches and more.  It is available with a 2 m or 9 m unterminated cable, or 5-pin Euro-Style quick-disconnect option.  Lens options include integrated lens for general purpose use, enclosed plastic face for food applications and germanium lens for narrow field of view.


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