Precise Presence Detection of Low-Contrast Targets in a Weld Shop

 2018-02-05 09:36 AM by
Precise Presence Detection of Low-Contrast Targets in a Weld Shop

Customer: Automobile manufacturer

Requirement: Verify the presence of a grey adhesive pad on a grey metal surface

Background: Environmental conditions in automotive weld shops can adversely affect sensor performance and longevity. Frequent stops in production processes may be required to clean, maintain, and replace damaged or dirty sensors.

• Weld splatter can burn sensor lenses, causing permanent damage
• Accumulation of dust and residue from welding fumes on the sensor lens gradually degrades performance and reliability
• Low-profile, low-contrast targets can be very difficult to consistently detect
Solution: Q4X Laser Distance Sensor
• 316L stainless steel housing and an add-on aperture lens kit made of borosilicate glass protects the sensor and lens, ensuring a long working life
• Best-in-class excess gain burns through dust and residue on the sensor lens to provide reliable performance with minimal maintenance downtime
• IO-Link enables remote configuration, monitoring, and extended diagnostics to simplify installation, maintenance, management, and sensor replacement
• Sensor detects sub-millimetre changes in distance to verify part presence or positioning, regardless of colour or reflectivity of object and background
• Compact sensor installs easily into space-constrained applications


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