RJ45-connectors with right-angled grip body

 2017-09-07 08:33 AM by
RJ45-connectors with right-angled grip body

ESCHA offers high-grade RJ45-patchcords with right-angled grip body.

The right-angled versions facilitate an optimal cable run for applications with limited space conditions. The overmolded grip body averts snapped off- or broken cables and thus guarantees a faultless data transmission according to Cat5e. ESCHA RJ45-patchcords meet IP20 protection class requirements and are especially adapted for automation solutions within the switch cabinet.

More patchcords in tight space

The advanced system decentralization makes smaller and smaller switch cabinets necessary. Therefore, patchcords must be installed in tighter and tighter spaces. This can cause snapped off- or even broken cables consequently leading to a lower data transmission, loss of data or standstill. Cables can be particularly space-saving installed with ESCHA right-angled RJ45-patchcords. The overmolded grip body provides for safety, stability, and guarantees a safe data transmission.

In order to satisfy all individual requirements, ESCHA offers the new RJ45-patchcords in ‘right-angled on right-angled‘ as well as ‘right-angled on straight‘ variants. Thanks to UL-certification, all patchcords can be used on the North American market.

Original accessories

For RJ45-connectors deeply placed in ports with their release lug hard- or not at all accessible, the connectivity specialist has had the ESCHA multi-clip on offer already for a long time. This is quite easily plugged onto the grip body providing for fast unlocking and locking. The ESCHA multi-clip is available in eleven colours and does not only fit on the previously available straight grip bodies, but also on the new right-angled variants.

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