Sensor Array Bars for Detection Across Conveyors and Chutes

 2018-09-11 09:52 AM by
Sensor Array Bars for Detection Across Conveyors and Chutes

The new SAB Series Sensor Array Bar is ideal for use on conveyors and chutes in the material handling industry.

Each array conveniently fits multiple QS18 sensors into a robust aluminum housing for use on heavy-duty packaging lines. The standard Sensor Array Bar models work well for some of the more common conveyor and chute widths.

Key Benefits

User-Specified Arrays: SAB Sensor Array Bars can be made to meet specific customer needs. Users follow easy-to-understand design rules to select a sensing mode and the appropriate number of QS18 beams. The length of the aluminium housing can be customized to fit a wide variety of lengths that may be needed on a conveyor belt or chute. Contact material handling business development managers for custom opportunities.

Ease of Use and Convenient Installation: Affixing multiple QS18 sensors inside one aluminium bar makes installation and alignment easier than working on each sensor individually. Using a single device for this task also means effortless wiring with only one M12 connector to power all the sensors and consolidate the individual outputs into one discrete output.

Heavy Duty Design and Improved Stability: The robust aluminium extrusion and sturdy mounting ensure long service life in challenging environments and protects the array bars from impact and vibration. This rugged system resists vibration damage and prevents the sensors from shifting out of alignment. This ensures consistently reliable results.

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