Solexy Explosion Proof Antenna Couplers

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Solexy Explosion Proof Antenna Couplers

Solexy Explosion Proof Antenna Couplers are unique and patented devices that incorporate two technologies for protection. 

Firstly it is an Explosion proof‐sealing gland that meets the most stringent requirements of IECEx, UL, ATEX, and many others.  Secondly it is an intrinsically safe barrier providing an intrinsically safe output from the RF device to the antenna or cable connection.  The intrinsically safe circuitry inside the antenna coupler protects the external antenna or cable from the supply voltage of the RF device.  This is accomplished by a patented capacitive circuit, which only permits “High” frequency voltage at 50 ohms impedance to pass through to the external antenna or coax cable.

Explosion Proof Antenna Couplers


As a barrier, another unique feature of the Solexy Antenna Coupler is that no special grounding is required.  The intrinsically safe barrier is a “Blocking” circuit and not a diverting to ground circuit.  This increases installation reliability. The Antenna Coupler is threaded into an explosion proof housing and this provides for a normal electrical ground, but is not critical to the proper operation of the intrinsically safe circuit.


Explosion Proof Antenna vs The Solexy Coupler

An Explosion Proof Antenna is frequency matched, and typically a monopole design.  This  limits the options of antenna designs to meet the demands of more challenging installations.   The Explosion Proof Antenna has to be mounted directly to the housing and does not give you the ability to choose the best mounting position for your antenna.

The Solexy Antenna Coupler is a type of bulkhead, and has an intrinsically safe output, allowing for any frequency between 100Mhz up to 6 GHz. This also allows you to use any antenna that meets the requirements of the notified bodies. (IEC, UL, FCC, etc.).

The other advantage is that this will allow you to use a cable extension from the coupler to an antenna that is mounted higher off the ground for better clearance of surrounding RF obstacles.


Space Saving

The Solexy Antenna Coupler is two devices in one, a seal fitting and an Intrinsically Safe RF Barrier.  The Antenna Coupler threads into a standard conduit entry (NPT or Metric). There is no internal space utilised other than a small diameter coax cable connecting our barrier to the RF output source.

Solexy can supply any RF fitting required to make the connection to the RF source.

This makes this device ideal for OEM applications that are typically mounted in small explosion proof enclosures such as Gas detection equipment, Level Controls, RFID, Flow Meters, Cameras and many other devices.  This allows the manufacturer to go from wired to wireless without having to make major changes to the product housing design.



The Antenna Coupler is used in Mining Machinery Telemetry, Oil and Gas for Wellhead monitoring, RFID in hazardous areas and for Wi‐Fi networks in Hazardous areas, UHF radios, Tetra systems, wireless video, GPS, and Cellular such as GSM and LTE (3G and 4G).  The barrier is also used by many OEM wireless equipment manufacturers in their devices such as Gas Detection, Flow Meters and Level Controls.


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