Temperature Measuring Amplifiers with Ultra-High Channel Density

 2017-01-06 03:16 PM by
Temperature Measuring Amplifiers with Ultra-High Channel Density

Turck has added the IMX12-TI temperature measuring amplifier to its IMX interface technology series. With a width of only 12.5 millimeters and the highest channel density on the market, the devices save valuable space in the cabinet.

Turck  has released a single-channel variant, which is able to warn the control system if  the temperature set point is exceeded via an additional relay changeover contact.  Turck is also offering two two-channel versions of the IMX12-TI: One for resistance thermometers or thermocouples with a 2- or 3-wire connection, or another for 4-wire resistance thermometers.

With operating temperatures up to 70 °C and operating voltages of 10 to 30 VDC, the IMX12-TI offers particularly versatile use, such as in applications with an onboard power supply, emergency power supply, or other battery-fed applications. All standard thermocouples can be connected as well as resistance sensors. Like all devices of the IMX12 series, the temperature measuring amplifiers are approved for all relevant markets, meet the requirements of SIL level 2 and are suitable for use directly in Zone 2.

The optionally available power rail system simplifies device power supply by feeding the voltage via a top-hat rail connection.


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