The Third Generation of Factor 1 Inductive Sensors

 2016-09-15 07:55 AM by
The Third Generation of Factor 1 Inductive Sensors

Turck has released the uprox3,  the third generation of its range of uprox factor 1 sensors.  Factor 1 sensors have the same switching distance for all metals.

The electronic platform of the uprox3 Series has been completely redeveloped, resulting in switching distances being increased by upto 50%.  Turck's uprox3 Series currently offers the largest switching distances of all factor 1 sensors on the market. The uprox3 Series, when mounted flush can attain a 3mm sensing distance in the M8 design, 6mm in the M12 design and 10mm in the M18 design.  Due to the consistent development of its uprox technology, Turck has been able to achieve these larger switching distances without any compromises in terms of performance and mounting requirements.  Turck has also managed to shorten the length of the previously most compact M8 to M18 designs.  
The uprox3 sensors not only offer standard application reliability for demanding switching tasks, but also allow the possibility of completely new applications.   In a world first, TURCK has also created a factor 1 sensor in the compact 4mm smooth barrel design and M5 design, both with a switching distance of 1mm, even when mounted flush.
Due to their inherent immunity to magnetic fields, the uprox3 Series sensors are suitable for use in many demanding industrial sectors such as welding applications.  Here, the new uprox3 Series once again offers especially robust PTFE coated sensors in M8, M12 and M18 designs. Like their predecessors, all uprox3 sensors offer a high EMC stability and flexible mounting options right through to fully flush mounting in all metals, as well as precise switch points.


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